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Harrison, Noel M. and McDonnell, Pat F. and O'Mahoney, Denis C. and Kennedy, Oran D. and O'Brien, Fergal J. and McHugh, Peter E.
Heterogeneous linear elastic trabecular bone modelling using micro-CT attenuation data and experimentally measured heterogeneous tissue properties
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High-resolution voxel-based finite element software, such as FEEBE developed at the NCBES, is widely used for studying trabecular bone at the micro-scale. A new approach to determine heterogeneous bone tissue material properties for computational models was proposed in this study. The specimen-specific range of tissue moduli across strut width was determined from nanoindentation testing. This range was mapped directly using linear interpolation to that specimen's micro-computed tomography (μCT) grey value range as input material properties for finite element analysis. The method was applied to cuboid trabecular bone samples taken from eight, 4-year-old (skeletally mature) ovine L5 vertebrae. Before undergoing experimental uniaxial compression tests, the samples were μCT scanned and 30 Î¼m resolution finite element models were generated. The linear elastic finite element models were compressed to 1% strain. This material property assignment method for computational models accurately reproduced the experimentally determined apparent modulus and concentrations of stress at locations of failure.
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