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Breen, B.A., Kraskiewicz, H., Ronan, R., Kshiragar, A., Patar, A., Sargeant, T., Pandit, A., McMahon SS.
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering
Therapeutic Effect of Neurotrophin-3 Treatment in an Injectable Collagen Scaffold Following Rat Spinal Cord Hemisection Injury
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Spinal cord injury (SCI) patients display varying quantities of spinal cord tissue damage with injuries that present as complete, incomplete or compressive. One theory proposed to repair the injured spinal cord and regain motor control is to regenerate axons through the lesion site. This study was designed to quantify the impact of a local injectable in situ forming hydrogel reservoir therapy following rat hemisection SCI. We investigated the effect of hydrogel only treatment following SCI in addition to hydrogels loaded with a neurotrophic factor, Neurotrophin-3 (NT- 3), immediately following SCI. Functional recovery, assessed by Basso Beattie Bresnahan (BBB) locomotor test, and local healing mechanisms, including neuronal growth, glial scar formation, inflammation and collagen deposition were investigated one and 6 weeks postsurgery. Delivery of an injectable hydrogel significantly increased functional recovery at four and 6 weeks post injury. In addition, a significant reduction in the inhibitory glial scar and in inflammation was observed at the injury site. Similarly hydrogel + NT-3 delivered directly into the injury site significantly reduced glial scarring and collagen deposition. The hydrogel + NT-3 also resulted in a significant increase in neurons at 6 weeks post injury. This study represents a novel and effective therapy combining growth factor and a biomaterial based therapy following SCI
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