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Hall, T.
Un/told - An Un/Conference about Digital Storytelling
Storytelling Practices and Design for Digital Storytelling in Contemporary Education
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storytelling practices digital storytelling contemporary education
Rodgers, P.
University of East London
I would like to join the deme on Storytelling Practices within DS. A former English literature teacher, I maintain narrative as a central focus in my research and teaching. I am interested in how digital storytelling (DS) can be used as a tool to support the design of engaging, creative and interactive learning. Furthermore, as technology continues to change becoming more embodied and mobile I am interested in the implications of DS as a powerful mediating context for integrating and augmenting learning, teaching and assessment, both in schools and in elective learning environments, e.g. museums. I would like to review where we are currently in terms of digital storytelling conceptualisation and theorisation: How might key concepts in narrative theory (e.g. Bruner, 2007) translate to, and impact upon the design of digital storytelling today, particularly were computing is becoming more ubiquitous? While technology is important, it should never be the exclusive focus within educational design; therefore, which storytelling practices can best support us to develop cogent and creative approaches to DS? Drawing on discussion and interaction with colleagues on the salient issue of storytelling practices in DS generally, I am interested to add a voice and contribution from an educational perspective. This is especially warranted in the prevailing educational context where the extant tension between technological innovation and educational conservatism warrants considered, critical insight from innovative and transformative digital storytelling practice.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences