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Molloy, M,Comer, R,Rogers, P,Dowling, M,Meskell, P,Asbury, K,O'Leary, M
Irish Journal Of Medical Science
High risk HPV testing following treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
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Audit Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia Colposcopy HPV DNA tests Papanicolaou test LOOP EXCISION PREVENTION PREDICTION DISEASE
To determine the results of combined cytology and high-risk human papilloma virus (HR HPV) tests at 6 and 18 months postcolposcopy treatment at one Irish colposcopy centre.All women who attended the centre's colposcopy smear clinic for a co-test 6 months (initial test) posttreatment were included in the audit (n = 251).The results revealed negative HR HPV for 79 % (n = 198) of women tested 6 months after treatment and positive results for 21 % (n = 53). HR HPV testing was more sensitive than cytology and led to early detection of residual disease. No women with negative HR HPV had high-grade cytology.HR HPV is more sensitive than cytology for detection of persistent CIN. However, 19 women with positive HR HPV had normal colposcopy with no persistent CIN detected. A national cost-benefit analysis is recommended to determine the value of the second co-test.
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