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Smith, E., Conway, R. & Bogue, J.
45th Annual Conference of the Psychological Society of Ireland
Early Maladaptive Schemas and Schema Modes: Measurement and Meaning
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Objective: This study examines the psychometric properties of the Young Schema Questionnaire (YSQ) and the Schema Mode Inventory (SMI). Schema theory organizes early maladaptive schemas (EMSs) into categories called domains, which are thought to mirror specific unmet needs. To date, there is The Irish Psychologist | November 2015 | Volume 42 | Issue 01 | SUPPLEMENT ABSTRACTS S36 little empirical agreement regarding the number of domains. This study tests a new model of domains. Once activated, EMSs can give rise to characteristic coping responses and schema modes. Modes are theoretically grouped into four categories of child, parent, coping and healthy modes. The current study also aims to test the structure of these categories. Method: Self-report data (N = 300) from an online survey were collected from a sample comprising mainly undergraduate and postgraduate university students. Results: Using confirmatory factor analysis, little support was found for the EMSs domain model or the child, parent and coping mode categories. Exploratory factor analysis resulted in the extraction of eight factors for both the YSQ and the SMI. Conclusions: Theoretical and clinical implications of the results were discussed in light of schema theory and current practice.
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