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McCarthy, A., Conway, R. & Bogue, J.
45th Annual Conference of the Psychological Society of Ireland
Experiences of Recovery in a Rehabilitation Mental Health Service: The Perspective of the Family
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Objectives: Mental health rehabilitative services are primarily about facilitating recovery. Research has elucidated the key characteristics of recovery and recovery promoting services for service users (SU) and service providers in the Irish mental health services (MHS). No study is available which exclusively explores the understanding of recovery from the family perspective. The current study aims to document how families of SUs understand recovery, recovery promoting practices and the barriers to recovery within a rehabilitative MHS in rural Ireland. Methods: 18 semi-structured interviews with 25 family members of SUs attending rehabilitative MHS were conducted, along with measures of recovery orientated practice (Recovery Self Assessment) and the Burden Assessment Scale (BAS). Results: Thematic analysis and quantitative analysis of the data revealed that families understood recovery as rebuilding connections with oneself, relationships with others, and re-establishing a meaningful place for oneself in society. Recovery was achieved by a number of environmental conditions. Conclusions: The study findings confirm the critical role families have in enhancing the recovery process. Theoretical and practical implications of the family perspective on recovery within Irish MHS are discussed.
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