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Khoo, S.
Society for Women in Philosophy Conference 2016
Narrating ethical inter/transdisciplinarity Reflections on researching and teaching human rights and development in a posthuman, postdevelopment world
International Refereed Conference
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This paper uses a narrative approach to explore academic identity and practice in more a general and generalizing way. It draws upon collaborative work on ethical internationalisation of higher education with critical decolonial scholars in a large, networked international research project, and reflects on the project’s wider participants and outputs, rethinking these through the lens of the author’s own disciplinary academic practice. This mode of narrative, critical-reflective practice highlights the place and importance of theorizing about one’s own academic practices in a deeper as well as broader way. The paper critically reflects on how broader societal processes and contexts shape academic research, pedagogy and identities, and explores the overall (im)possibilities for shared understandings of academic practice, ethics and their practical expression in the global public sphere through the figures of ‘development’ and ‘human rights’.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context