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Thiebaut, E,Devaney, N,Langlois, M,Hanley, K,Marchetti, E,Close, LM,Veran, JP
Proc. SPIE 9909
Exploiting Physical Constraints for Multi-spectral Exo-planet Detection
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Exo-planet detection multi-variate image processing EXOPLANET DETECTION COMPANIONS CONTRAST
We derive a physical model of the on-axis PSF for a high contrast imaging system such as GPI or SPHERE. This model is based on a multi-spectral Taylor series expansion of the diffraction pattern and predicts that the speckles should be a combination of spatial modes with deterministic chromatic magnification and weighting. We propose to remove most of the residuals by fitting this model on a set of images at multiple wavelengths and times. On simulated data, we demonstrate that our approach achieves very good speckle suppression without additional heuristic parameters.
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