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Houghton, C., Casey, D., & Shaw, D.
International Journal Of Clinical Skills
The benefits and challenges of using simulation in nurse education: A review of the literature.
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Research into the use of simulation has increased dramatically in the last few years. The development of Clinical Skills Laboratories (CSL) and alternative learning strategies for students has created a need to explore and evaluate simulation as a learning approach. The aim of this literature review is to examine the research into the use of simulation and how its use may be classified. Three main applications of simulation in nurse education are presented: Simulation Models; Standardised Patients; and Computer-Based Simulation. This review gives an insight into the diversity and flexibility of this approach to teaching skills and addresses some of the challenges to its implementation in the CSL. It will also address the methodological issues of the studies reviewed and the need for further research in this area, specifically more in-depth qualitative research exploring what role simulation plays in preparing students for the clinical environment is recommended.
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