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Paolo Bartoloni
Replicas, translations, citations, and the life (after) of authenticity
Lecture for the Metaphysical Society
TrinityCollege Dublin
Invited Oral Presentation
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Purity, as Walter Benjamin intimated in relation to the prelapsarian notion of pure language in the “Task of the Translator”, is essential yet unavailable to us as such. It can exist as an echo and trace among the folds of the infinite possibilities and permutations of languages. In this talk I wish to argue that Benjamin’s understanding of purity is applicable to categories such as originality and authenticity. Originality, for instance, can only be looked at through the prism of further originalities. A discussion of the proliferation of replicas and citations in contemporary culture, attracted and seduced as ever by notions of authenticity and originality, will follow in the attempt to link and test the relevance of Benjamin’s discussion of “pure language” in the context of broader cultural phenomena, including urban developments and popular culture.
The Metaphysical Society, TCD
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