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Smith, P., Hiney, M., Gilroy, D., Padley D., Gallagher, T., Cotter, D. and Powell, R
Confusion generated by the comparative validation of the application of ELISA and PCR methods for the detection of Aeromonas salmonicida in natural samples
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PCR ELISA validation proxy measures detection Aeromonas salmonicida ecology FISH SURVIVAL IDENTIFICATION WATER
Two protocols designed to detect Aeromonas salmonicida, one based on an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and one on a polymerase chain reaction (PCR), had previously performed well in extensive laboratory-based validation studies. These proxy methods were used together with direct culture to examine 223 kidneys of wild salmonid fish and 35 sediment samples collected from their habitat. Direct culture failed to detect the organism in any of the kidney samples. ELISA generated positive results from 23.3% of the kidneys and PCR from 20.6% but the degree of agreement between the two proxy methods was not greater than would have been predicted by chance (p>0.05). A total of 60% of the samples generating a positive response in ELISA were negative by PCR and 56% of PCR-positive samples were negative by ELISA. The overall concordance was, therefore, only 27%. With respect to the sediment samples, ELISA generated positive results from 53% and PCR from 33%. Again, the degree of agreement between the two proxy methods was not significantly greater than chance and the concordance was only 24%.
PII S0044-8486(02)00455-6
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