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Hynes, Mike
The Social Sciences Research Conference 2016: Galway: Today and Tomorrow
A conference to discuss Galway's present and future potential
ILAS at the NUI Galway
Conference Organising Committee Member
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For over 50 years the Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC) has provided a focus for interdisciplinary research between economists, geographers, political scientists, psychologists, and sociologists at NUI, Galway. In its work the Centre has paid particular attention to the study of development issues in the West of Ireland. On Thursday, 20 October, the SRRC will be holding its annual conference on the topic of ‘Galway: Today and Tomorrow’. This conference, which takes place in the Institute for Lifecourse and Society (ILAS) building, is intended to provide a platform for a continuing programme of social science research to be strongly focused on the city and its hinterland. The three main themes to be addressed at the conference are: ‘the emerging city’, ‘the living city’ and ‘people of the city’. Among the specific topics to be discussed by the panel of speakers are: ‘growing Galway’s startup economy’, ‘Galway & the creative economy’, ‘food and the local economy’, ‘why Galway needs an urban park’ , ‘transport and liveability’, ‘heritage planning for city and town life’, ‘design, art and the city’, ‘access and opportunities: young people’s educational experiences’, ‘refugees: the lived experience’, ‘neighbourhoods and the findings from the 3-Cities Project’.
School of Political Science & Sociology
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy