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Nieto, D,Cambronero, F,Flores-Arias, MT,Farid, N,O'Connor, GM
Optics And Lasers In Engineering
Aluminum thin film enhanced IR nanosecond laser-induced frontside etching of transparent materials
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Laser-induced front side etching LIFE Laser ablation Glass materials Ablation threshold Micro-machining Thin film ABLATION FEMTOSECOND FABRICATION
Laser processing of glass is of significant commercial interest for microfabrication of precision optical engineering devices. In this work, a laser ablation enhancement mechanism for microstructuring of glass materials is presented. The method consists of depositing a thin film of aluminum on the front surface of the glass material to be etched. The laser beam modifies the glass material by being incident on this front-side. The influence of ablation fluence in the nanosecond regime, in combination with the deposition of the aluminum layer of various thicknesses, is investigated by determining the ablation threshold for different glass materials including soda-lime, borosilicate, fused silica and sapphire. Experiments are performed using single laser pulse per shot in an air environment. The best enhancement in terms of threshold fluence reduction is obtained for a 16 nm thick aluminum layer where a reduction of two orders of magnitude in the ablation threshold fluence is observed for all the glass samples investigated in this work. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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