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Myers,R.M.,Calia,D.B., Devaney, N.,Esposito,S.,Goodsell, S.J.,Goncharov,A.V.,Guerra,J.C., Guillet de Chatellus, H.,Harrison, M.A.,Holzloehner,R.,Marchetti, E.,Morris, T.J., Pinna,E.,Pique, J.,Rabien,S.,Reyes,M.,Ribak,E.,Rutten,R.G., Schnetler,H.,Strachan, M.,Stuik,R., Talbot,R.G.
Adaptive Optics: Analysis and Methods/Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging/Information Photonics/Signal Recovery and Synthesis Topical Meetings on CD-ROM, OSA Technical Digest (CD) (Optical Society of America, 2007), paper AWD5
"The European E-ELT WHT LGS Test Facility Consortium"
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