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Manton, R., Clifford, E.
Proceedings of Irish Transport Research Network
Route selection, design assessment and cost considerations of rural off-road cycleways
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University College Cork
The establishment of a National Cycle Network (NCN) has been proposed by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport with the intention of connecting major urban centres and opening extensive rural routes. Three key interest groups have been identified as potential users of the NCN:(i) commuters,(ii) leisure cyclists and (iii) cycle tourists. Furthermore the new transport policy to 2020–“Smarter Travel: Towards a Sustainable Transport Future”–and a National Cycling Policy have also been adopted. The vision behind the cycling policy is to “create a strong cycling culture in Ireland” and states that all cities, towns, villages, and rural areas will be bicycle friendly. It is envisaged that, by 2020, 10% of all trips will be by bicycle. The development of a NCN of rural and urban cycle routes is a specific objective of the National Cycling Policy Framework (NCPF) published in April 2010.
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