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Manton, R., Rau, H., Clifford, E., Fahy, F.
Irish Transport Research Network
Is cycling safe? Using mental mapping to unpack perceptions of cycling safety
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Trinity College Dublin
Cycling is the most energy efficient mode of transport and modal shift can bring extensive environmental, health and economic benefits. Despite this, only 2% of the Irish population cycle to work, school or college. Research has highlighted safety concerns as the major barrier, with negative perceptions of safety as well as concrete safety risks impeding the growth of cycling. Overcoming such negative perceptions could increase cyclist numbers and consequently improve cyclist safety. Key steps to achieving this is a) the identification and removal of actual hazards for cyclists and b) targeted work on improving safety perceptions among current and future cyclists. This study of cycling conditions in Galway City combines mental mapping, road data and a questionnaire survey to identify the determinants of perceived safety and danger among cyclists.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Environment, Marine and Energy