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Keogh, M., Pursell, L., NicGabhainn, S., O'Donovan, D.
Faculty of Public Health Medicine. Winter Scientific Meeting
The perceived impact of the proposed ban on smoking in public houses amongst customers and barworkers
National Concert Hall, Dublin
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Irish J Med Sci 2003;172(4)e1: Faculty of Public Health Winter Scientific Meeting December 2003The government proposes to introduce legislation that will ban the smoking of tobacco products in licensed premises from 1st January 2004.   A questionnaire-based survey was conducted to determine impacts of the ban in pubs.  Bar staff and customers were surveyed to determine attitudes to smoking in pubs and perceived effects of the ban. Data was collected in 30 pubs in counties Offaly and Galway from 304 individuals.   53% of all surveyed were in favour of the ban; while 44% of the 66 bar staff surveyed hold this view. 84% of all surveyed believe that bar workers are entitled to a smoke free working environment. 62% agree that the ban will make pubs more comfortable. 45% of people who frequent pubs consider that the ban will have some change on their use of pubs. 38% expect to reduce their levels of smoking and 24% expect to reduce their levels of drinking following the ban.  Of the bar staff, 45% were ex-smokers or never smoked, while 55% were smokers.  Amongst all bar staff 16.7% had asthma while 24% of bar staff who were regular smokers reported having asthma. 65% of all surveyed believed there would be a negative economic effect of the ban on business while 73% of bar staff believed this to be the case.   While a majority of customers support the ban fewer bar staff do.  Smokers expect the ban will help them quit. Non-smoking bar staff were twice as likely to report breathing symptoms as non-smoking customers.  
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