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Togashi, D.M, Ryder, A.G.
6th International ELMI meeting
Real-time measurement of absorption of bovine serum albumin on silica glass by confocal fluorescence microscopy.
Ofir, Portugal
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The interaction of proteins with solid surfaces is of major concern in a wide spectrum of fields such as medicine, biomaterials, nanotechnology, drug release, and biotechnological processes. Studies show that the performance of biomaterials depends on how proteins adsorb on the surface1. This is of particular importance in successful implementation of medical devices. In this work we are presenting a new approach for the measurement of protein adsorption on solid surfaces, at the real-time kinetics. Confocal fluorescence microscopy was applied to study the adsorption of Bovine Serum Albumin labelled with tetramethylrhodamine (BSA-TRh) onto borosilicate surfaces. The adsorption kinetics were obtained by integration of the fluorescence intensity measuring at axially scanned images of surface. Different protein conformations achieved by different pH media are used and the curves analysed using Lagmuir adsorption model. The kinetic parameter are obtained and correlated with the protein structure.
Science Foundation Ireland under Grant number (02/IN.1/M231), and by an equipment grant by Irelandís Health Research Board (Grant EQ/2004/29).
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Biomedical Science and Engineering, Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences