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Crosby, C; Barry, MM
Community Care: Evaluation of the Provision of Mental Health Services
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Synopsis:This is a study of an evaluation project which sets out to assess care environments. In particular, the North Wales Resettlement Programme is evaluated. Other aspects covered include psychiatric and behavioural outcomes; social networks; community placement; and involving users.Contents Introduction - background to the evaluation project, Charles Crosby and Margaret M. Barry; evaluation of the North Wales Resettlement Programme - methodology and cohort description, David A. Mitchell et al; the care process - care environments, care management and staff attitudes, Charles Crosby et al; psychiatric and behavioural outcomes for clients 12 months after discharge from hospital, Charles Crosby et al; social networks and lives of people with long-term mental health problems, Rachel Forrester-Jones and Gordon Grant; assessing the impact of community placement on quality of life, Margaret M. Barry and Charles Crosby; costing hospital and community care for long-stay psychiatric patients, Neil Garrod and Sandra Vick; the development of community mental health services in North Wales - a research programme, Charles Crosby and Margaret Barry; involving users in mental health services in the era of the word-processor and the database, David Healy; users' views of community mental health care, Brian Williams.
Crosby, C; Barry, MM
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