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Hyslop, E., Woodburn, J., McInnes, I.B., Semple, R., Newcombe, L., Hendry, G., Rafferty, D., De Mits, S., Turner, D.E.
Gait And Posture
A Reliability Study of Biomechanical Foot Function in Psoriatic Arthritis based on a Novel Multi-Segmented Foot Model
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Reliability Biomechanics Psoriatic Arthritis Gait Analysis
The objective of this study was to determine the within-and between-day reliability of spatio-temporal, plantar pressure, kinematic and kinetic measurements based on a novel, seven segment foot model applied in patients with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). Nine PsA patients and matched healthy adult controls underwent three-dimensional gait analysis on two occasions, one week apart using a seven segment foot model. A core-set of functional variables including inter-segment kinematics, kinetics, spatio-temporal and plantar pressure distribution were analysed using the coefficient of multiple correlation (CMC), Bland-Altman plots, intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC) and the standard error of measurement (SEM). Results showed excellent within-and between-day reliability for intersegment kinematic and kinetic data patterns with CMC values typically greater than 0.950 in a clinically stable cohort of PsA patients. Between-day reliability ranged from poor to excellent for absolute CMC values. Corrected CMC values were consistently higher across all variables ranging from fair-to-good to excellent. ICC values indicated excellent reliability for discrete spatio-temporal, plantar pressure, and ankle moment and power variables for both groups. Reliability for ground reaction forces and kinematic discrete variables ranged from fair-to-good to excellent. Standard error of measurement values ranged from 0.7° to 3.0° for discrete kinematic variables across both groups with greater variability in the PsA patients. In conclusion, intersegment kinematics and kinetics as well as spatio-temporal and plantar pressure can be reliably measured in PsA patients using a novel seven segment foot model. Some discrete kinematic variables have poor reliability and should not be used in prospective cohort and intervention studies.
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