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Santa-Maria-Morales, A; Battel- Kirk, B; Barry, MM; Bosker, L; Kasmel, A; Griffiths, J
Global Health Promotion
Perspectives on health promotion competencies and accreditation in Europe
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accreditation, competencies, European health promotion, professional standards
There is a growing and diverse health promotion workforce in Europe; however, no overall body has responsibility for quality assuring standards of training and professional practice at the European level. This paper provides an overview of recent developments in Europe, including initiatives led by the International Union for Health Promotion and Education, in the context of developing a pan-European accreditation system. Specific developments on establishing national-level accreditation processes in the UK, Estonia and The Netherlands are examined. While there is limited experience in this field across Europe, lessons can be learned from those countries with established systems. This paper focuses on those countries which have developed competencies, standards and accreditation systems, and the implications for developing a pan-European accreditation system are discussed. Differences between countries in the formats, content and processes of developing accreditation, coupled with the different educational, practice, political and resource situations, reflect the complexity of developing a pan-European system that is flexible, relevant and comprehensive. The development of competencies, standards and accreditation is not intended to be directed at health promotion specialists alone but aims to assure quality in performance of all those who contribute to health promotion, from whatever background or area of professional practice. It is likely that there will be a need to develop a robust system that will accommodate different levels of accreditation for different levels and fields of practice. Developing a pan-European accreditation system poses a significant challenge but also presents a unique opportunity to form a solid basis for building capacity and assuring quality for health promotion practice, research and training across the European region. (Global Health Promotion, 2009; 16 (2): pp. 2131)
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