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Meade, K; Rowel, D; Barry, MM
Journal Of Public Mental Health
Evaluating the implementation of the youth led emotional well-being project ’Getting it Together’
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emotional well-being, peer-led programme, participatory evaluation
Aim:  To evaluate a youth-led initiative on the promotion of emotional well-being among young people. It aimed to build young people’s understanding of emotional well-being and develop a youth friendly, needs-led resource.MethodologyFocus group discussions, interviews, questionnaires, researcher observation and participatory methods of data collection.ParticipantsYoung people aged 16–25 years from the island of Ireland worked together to develop a youth friendly, needs-led resource. A group of 20 young people were used as a comparison group. Following completion of the resource, eight of the young people were trained as peer educators and piloted the resource with 58 of their peers.ConclusionThe key objectives of the project were achieved resulting in an intense, positive and productive experience for the participating young people, which enhanced their understanding of emotional well-being. The young people were successfully trained to deliver the resource to their peers, who assessed very positively both the resource and their experience of the training.
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