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V. Enne, J. Kirveskari, Y. Marcy, F. Domain, K. Reddington, T. Barry,V. Gant, A. Zumla
Grand Challenges Meeting, Gates Foundation
Rapid Identification of Respiratory Tract Infections: Focus on Hospital Acquired Pneumonia
London, UK
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Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) are caused by a variety of bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens. RTIs are amongst the top 4 major causes of morbidity and mortality in adults and children worldwide. Current laboratory diagnosis of such infections takes 2-3 days and in the meantime the patient receives empirical antibiotics, which may be ineffective compromising outcomes for the patient, or unnecessary, contributing to the burden of AMR. The principal objective of the RiD-RTI project has been to develop a “sample-in, answer-out” diagnostic platform for the rapid diagnosis of different types of pneumonia in less than 2h. This objective has been achieved via successful collaboration of SMEs and academic partners. The Novodiag platform integrates rapid sample preparation, highly sensitive and specific automated PCR and microarray detection of amplicons and is capable of simultaneous detection of both RNA and DNA. Three product pipelines for rapid diagnosis of respiratory tract infections have been developed for different indications; hospital-acquired and ventilator associated pneumonia (HAP/VAP), community acquired pneumonia (CAP) and opportunistic respiratory tract infections (ORTI). The first of these products to be finalised, the HAP/VAP test, has shown encouraging performance on clinical respiratory specimens collected from patients suffering from hospital acquired respiratory tract infections. Website:
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