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Scriver, S,Kennedy, KM
Irish Educational Studies
Delivering education about sexual violence: reflections on the experience of teaching a sensitive topic in the social and health sciences
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third level education sexual violence sensitive topics distress student-lecturer relationship MEDICAL-STUDENTS ATTITUDES WOMEN RAPE CONSEQUENCES ASSAULT TRAUMA IMPACT
Sexual violence is a serious and prevalent violation that is experienced by as many as one in three people worldwide. Professionals working in areas of health, social work, law, policy-development and other fields engage with survivors of sexual violence. Their knowledge of this issue is an important determinant in how they react towards survivors and the quality of care they provide. It is essential that third-level students in the health and social sciences receive education on this topic; however, in Irish third-level education, instruction about sexual violence is often absent or minimal within these curricula. In this article the authors advocate for the inclusion of education about sexual violence within undergraduate and postgraduate social and health science programmes. They draw from their experience teaching about sexual violence in Irish third-level education to highlight the challenges and barriers in providing such instruction and provide practical pedagogical approaches and examples of how risks for students and lecturers can be mitigated and barriers reduced.
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