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Torres, A.M.
International Marketing Review
Cloon Keen Atelier: Scent for a Premium Position in Marketing Intelligence & Planning
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Purpose Cloon Keen Atelier develops candle and skin care products. The challenge for this small operator is to develop a strategy, which reinforces its chosen position as it develops new products and expands into other markets. Cloon Keen is known for its premium scented candles, but it is seeking to expand into the personal care market by creating their own line of skin care products and complementary accessories. Cloon Keen believes their handcrafted candles could provide a platform for developing a lifestyle brand. This paper aims to address these issues. Design/methodology/approach In-depth interviews and secondary sources are used to collate the information from which the case study is developed. Findings Achieving the status of a lifestyle brand means the products embody the values and aspirations of particular group(s) or culture; it speaks powerfully to the core identity of its consumers. Typically, lifestyle brands are accompanied by a powerful promotional campaign to communicate the lifestyle brand values to audiences. To date, Cloon Keen's promotional efforts have been limited. The question is whether it can develop sufficient market presence to one day make the claim of being a lifestyle brand. The challenge for Cloon Keen is to find the optimum market position that provides a strategic advantage in a climate of robust competition. Originality/value The case study provides the opportunity to examine how an small- to medium-sized enterprises may build its brand presence within a highly competitive market.
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