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Buckley, C., Hynes, S., van Rensburg, T., Doherty, E.
Journal Of Environmental Planning And Management
Walking in the Irish Countryside - Landowners attitudes to improved public access provision.
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This paper explores the attitudes of landowners across Ireland to the wider provision of public access for recreational walking using a multinomial logit model. The study also investigates the level of compensation required to improve the supply of this public good. Results indicate that 51% of landowners are not willing to provide access (non-providers), 21% are willing to provide access free of charge (free providers) and 28% seek compensation (willing providers). The findings indicate that participation by landowners in a proposed public access scheme is influenced by landowners' experience with walkers, farm type, farm insurance costs, household demographics, regional variations, opportunity cost of land and participation in other agri-environment schemes. Mean willingness-to-accept for landowners willing to facilitate improved public access for walking was found to be 0.27 per metre of walkway.
DOI 10.1080/09640560903327690
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