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Torres, Ann M and Whyte, Martin A
Journal of Research in Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Networks among Irish Software and IT Firms
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Networks SMEs Software firms ICT firms
This paper explores how Irish information, communication, and technologies (ICT) firms use networks to achieve objectives and commercialise technology. The research availed of Heracleous and Murray’s (2001) taxonomy of networks, based on the dimensions of interdependence and durability was used to classify and provide insight into the nature of networks. The benefits accruing from network participation are reputational benefits by association, learning and informational advantages, as well as shared resources. The research surveys members of the Information Technology Association of Galway (ITAG), an ICT network in Galway, Ireland. The findings indicate ITAG members participate in various networks simultaneously and there are different motivations and drawbacks associated with each network type. The preference is for short-term collaborative forms, which provide immediate returns.
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