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Torres, Ann M and Whyte, Martin
Irish Marketing Review
ITAG Ireland: A Symbiotic Networking Relationship or an Opportunity Missed?
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SMALL business ASSOCIATIONS, institutions, etc. RESEARCH & development MARKETING strategy EXPORTS INTERNATIONAL business enterprises BUSINESS enterprises
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The study explores the similarities and differences between the large and small firms that make up the Information Technology Association of Galway (ITAG) and the desired and actual benefits obtained from membership of the network. It consists of a web survey to identify the key themes that warranted further investigation through unstructured in-depth interviews. Surprisingly, the dynamic between small and large sized network participants was not strongly evident. Although there was successful collaboration among ITAG member firms for the purpose of skill development through ITAG's Skillnet initiative, there was little evidence of strategic collaboration on issues such as research and development, marketing strategies and exporting. Indeed, it was expected that multinational companies (MNCs) would provide a gateway for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to break into new markets. However, the research did not support this proposition. Further studies should focus on the ideal conditions for learning and knowledge processes in alliances with diversely sized members as well as methods for addressing the difficulties in measuring organisational learning outcomes.
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