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Patrick O'Leary
Eli Lilly Postgraduate symposium 2016
Eli Lilly Postgraduate symposium 2016
NUi Galway
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Eli Lilly Postgraduate prize 2016 Symposium Venue: Dillon theatre Schedule 2.00 Daria Firsova ‘Irish marine organisms as a source of new chemical entities for anticancer therapies ‘ 2.25 Yang Li ‘ Allylic hydrocarbon combustion chemistry’ 2.50 Kasia Gnadio ‘Stabilization of amorphous sulfamerazine and the influence of co-formers on the dissolution rates of co-amorphous sulfamerazine/excipient systems’ 3.15 Karen Fox ‘Synthesis of Macrocycles with Potential as Scaffolds for Drug Discovery’ 3.40 Dr. Colm O’Mahony Overview of Lilly and Awarding of prizes
Eli Lilly
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