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Patrick O'Leary
Eli Lilly Postgraduate symposium 2013
Eli Lilly Postgraduate symposium 2013 for Chemical researchers in School of Chemistry NUI Galway
NU Galway
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Eli Lilly Postgraduate prize 2013-2014 Symposium Schedule 1.30 Opening and presentation of Eli Lilly undergraduate award to Mary McDonald 1.40 Jorges Mendes ‘Theoretical and Kinetic Study of the Hydrogen Atom Abstraction Reactions of Ketones and Esters ‘ 2.00 Kevin Cao ‘Synthesis and Application of chiral 2,4-disubstituted Oxazolines’ 2.20 Anthony McDonagh ‘ Synthesis of α-Galactosyl Ceramide Analogues with an α-Triazole at the Anomeric Carbon’ 2.30 Awarding of prize and symposium close
Eli Lilly
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Informatics, Physical and Computational Sciences