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Cawley,M., Gaffey, S.M., Gillmor, D.A.
Tourist Studies
Localization and global reach in rural tourism: Irish evidence
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embeddedness glocalization quality Republic of Ireland small and medium sized enterprises
‘Localization’, defined as capitalizing on the cultural, economic, social, and physical resources of particular places, coupled with local organization and networking, is receiving considerable attention as a method of enabling rural economies to survive the various challenges posed by the increased internationalization of investment. Links to the global are, however, often necessary and desirable for the effective development of rural economies. Rural tourism provides a particularly apposite context for investigating localization and links between the local and the global through ‘glocalization’. This article investigates the operation of glocalization in the context of 57 quality rural tourism businesses and 23 related organizations in western Ireland, with reference to the development and use of quality as a niche attribute and networking at local and international scales as part of promotion and marketing.
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FAIR3 project funding
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy