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Cawley,M., Gaffey, S., Gillmor, D.A.
2003 Unknown
The New Countryside: Geographic Perspectives on Rural Change
A role for quality rural tourism services in rural development? Evidence from the Republic of Ireland
Brandon University and St Mary's University Press
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Quality, rural tourism, crafts, Ireland
High quality products and services are being assigned increased importance as sources of income in rural economies which have been unable to adapt successfully to agricultural restructuring. This paper explores the role of ‘quality’ tourism services in two peripheral, yet scenic, regions in western Ireland with a view to identifying the ways in which quality is defined, its links to the region of production and the ways in which such links are used in promotion and marketing. The results show that measurable quality features are used in promoting individual services to a greater extent than previous studies, based on the promotion of countries or tourism regions, would suggest. The research also illustrates that social and economic benefits accrue to rural areas.
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy