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Clohessy, Trevor; Acton, Thomas; Morgan, Lorraine
International Journal Of Networking And Virtual Organisations
Contemporary Digital Business Model Decision Making: A Cloud Computing Supply-Side Perspective
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Business Model Decision Making Cloud Computing ICT Provider
Cloud computing is an example of a promising technological paradigm which possesses the potential to act as a catalyst to drive radical innovations in the development of the networked society. While some information and communication technology (ICT) providers have reaped the rewards by transitioning from antiquated hardware and service provision to more propitious cloud-based service provision methods, others have experienced substantial difficulties related to the formulation and operationalization of effective business models. This paper presents a research framework which can serve as a lens for exploring how digital organizations can execute their core business model decisions along increasingly specific decision making levels. Taking the perspective of an exemplar established large ICT provider, our study uses the research framework in order to provide new insight for facilitating cloud computing supply-side business model effectiveness.
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