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Cannon E., Goggins J.
Bridge and Concrete Research in Ireland (BCRI2010)
The new engineering building at NUI Galway as a teaching tool for structural engineering.
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Teaching tools Pedagogy Structural engineering Engineering Real time monitoring
The New Engineering Building (NEB) at NUI Galway will consolidate all engineering education and research activities into one building which will not only provide a learning environment, but will itself act as a teaching and learning tool. It will provide a ‘living laboratory’ for engineering, where live data sets from numerous types of sensors will be used to illustrate structural engineering and building performance concepts in undergraduate teaching and in the development of full-scale research in structural engineering and energy. As well as instrumentation of the building to monitor its performance, many structural elements are made highly visible, adding further to the learning effectiveness. In addition, the building contains green-building initiatives providing real-life examples for engineering students. This paper concentrates on the concept of the new engineering building as a ‘living laboratory’ for structural engineering. In particular, the installation and preliminary findings from embedded sensors in structural elements are presented. The performances of three types of structural elements are being continuously monitored from initial construction stages through to final use of the building. The internal strains and temperatures of a 40 tonne prestressed reinforced concrete transfer box beam, a precast double-tee unit and a novel void-formed flat slab flooring system are being monitored through vibrating wire gauges, electrical resistance gauges and thermistors. Preliminary findings from these sensors are presented, as well as comment on how this information can be used for undergraduate teaching.
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