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Goggins J., Broderick B.M.
Proceedings of Colloquium on Concrete Research in Ireland
The determination of a suitable mortar mix design to fill slender hollow sections.
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Mortar Composite Testing Strength Shrinkage Water-cement ratio
Basheer, P.A.M.; Russell, M.I.
The Queen?s University of Belfast
This paper describes a series of tests carried out to determine a suitable mortar mix design to fill slender steel hollow sections.  The strength, compaction and shrinkage properties of such a mix are important if the concrete infill is to contribute to the resistance and ductility of the filled composite member.  Four different types of tests addressing compressive and tensile strength, compaction and shrinkage were used to evaluate the merits of six mix designs.  These mixes varied by water/cement ratio, and by the inclusion of two different admixtures: one to improve compaction and one to reduce shrinkage.  The test results clearly identify the optimum mix, and this has been employed in a wider range of structural tests on composite bracing members.  The superior performance of specimens filled with the optimum mix over hollow specimens is illustrated.
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