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Goggins, J.
Bridge and Concrete Research in Ireland (BCRI2010)
Stabilised soil blocks – a cost-effective sustainable construction technology.
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Stabilised soil blocks Masonry Sustainability Construction technology Developing countries
The aim of this paper is to show that stabilised soil blocks (SSBs) are cost-effective sustainable masonry units that have the potential to be used both in developing countries and Europe.  In fact, these blocks are extensively used in developing parts of the world, such as Western Zambia. The topography of Western Zambia is unusual in that there is little or no aggregate available for use in block making and as a result most blocks have to be made out of soil stabilised with cement. The process for making SSBs is to dry mix soil and cement, add water and then compress the conglomerate together in a mould to form a masonry unit. This paper presents the findings from laboratory tests on the strength and durability of stabilised soil blocks. It is shown that this construction technology is not only cost effective and has a very low impact on the environment for use in buildings in Africa, but is also a viable technology for use in the Irish climate.
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