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Goggins J., Gavigan D.
International Conference of Structures and Architecture (ICSA2010)
Low-cost sustainable construction technology for autonomous buildings.
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Autonomous buildings Construction technology Sustainability Stablised soil blocks Masonry
Guimaraes, Portugal
Autonomous buildings can reduce environmental impacts, increase security, and lower costs of ownership. One construction technology used in autonomous houses that has very low impact on the environment is stabilised soil blocks (SSBs). The blocks are low-cost as their main component, the soil, is sourced locally, often directly from the site of construction. Further, these blocks can be produced on site, saving in transportation costs. The main stabiliser used in their manufacture is cement, which has a large amount of embodied energy due to its product process. This paper reviews studies that have been carried out on the suitability of alternative innovative materials to cement that are based on agriculture and industrial waste. It has been revealed that these materials can be used as replacements for cement in concrete or blocks. They not only reduce their cost and embodied energy, but also improve their structural performance.
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