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Zhang, Y., Fay, D., Kilmartin, L. & Moore, A. W.
Computer Networks
A Garch based Adaptive Playout Delay Algorithm for VoIP
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ARMA Garch Playout delay Time series forecasting VoIP NETWORKS MODEL INTERNET AUDIO
Issue 17
Network delay packet loss and network delay variability (jitter) are important factors that impact on perceived voice quality in VoIP networks An adaptive playout buffer is used in a VoIP terminal to overcome Jitter Such a buffer-control must operate a trade-off between the buffer-induced delay and any additional packet loss rate In this paper a Garch-based adaptive playout algorithm is proposed which is capable of operating in both inter-talkspurt and intra-talkspurt modes The proposed new model is based on a Garch model approach an ARMA model is used to model changes in the mean and the variance In addition a parameter estimation procedure is proposed termed Direct Garch whose cost function is designed to implement a desired packet loss rate whilst minimising the probability of consecutive packet losses occurring Simulations were carried out to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm using recorded VoIP traces The main result is as follows given a target Packet Loss Rate (PLR) the Direct Garch algorithm produces parameter estimates which result in a PLR closer than other algorithms In addition the proposed Direct Garch algorithm offers the best trade-off between additional buffering delay and Packet Loss Rate (PLR) compared with other traditional algorithms (C) 2010 Elsevier B V All rights reserved
DOI 10.1016/j.comnet.2010.06.006
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