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Prendergast, J., Rodgers, M. & Healy, M. G.
Journal Of Environmental Science And Health, Part A: Toxic/Hazardous Substances And Environmental Engineering
The efficiency of a sequencing batch reactor (SBBR) in organic carbon and phosphorus removal
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carbonaceous oxidation sequencing batch biofilm reactor (SBBR)
A laboratory sequencing batch biofilm reactor (SBBR), operated for a period of 158 days, was used to treat domestic-strength synthetic effluent. The biofilm. reactor comprised a bulk fluid reactor, a biofilm plastic module, a synthetic wastewater feed tank, and pneumatic devices with pneumatic controls. The reactor cycle time was 8 h, and its operation consisted of five phases: feeding (59 min), mixing (1 min), anoxic/anaerobic (3 h), aerobic (3 h), and settling (1 h). At total chemical oxygen demand (CODT) loading rates of 8.8 g CODT m(-2) d(-1) and 1.2 kg CODT m(-3) d(-1), expressed in terms of the plastic module surface area and reactor volume, respectively, the SBBR had average removal rates of 8.3 g CODT m(-2) d(-1) and 1.1 kg CODT m(-3) d(-1), or 94%. Total orthophosphorus (M-PT) and filtered orthophosphorus (PO4-P-F) removals were 44% and 50%, respectively.
DOI 10.1081/ESE-200060670
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