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Raftery, G.M. & Harte, A.M.
9th World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE 06)
Performance evaluation of adhesives and reinforcements in GFRP-wood connections.
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Portland, Oregan, USA
Numerous benefits are associated with the reinforcement of low grade wood by pultruded glass fibre reinforced polymers (FRP). It is imperative in composite design that a successful bond is established between the dissimilar materials. This paper describes a program of ambient testing carried out to evaluate the performance of a range of adhesive types when bonding softwood that contained large proportions of juvenile wood, with viable FRP materials. The adhesive selection and FRP type proved more significant in achieving a good quality bond than variations associated with the wood samples. Two epoxy adhesives studied exhibited most consistency in establishing good quality bonds. Generally, FRP-wood bonded specimens failed at comparable shear strengths to solid specimens but at lower shear strengths than those achieved by wood-wood bonded specimens from the same plank. The use of an adhesion promoter appeared to have no improvement on the bond during ambient testing.
Irish Research Council
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