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Maguire D;Walsh JC;Little CL;
Patient Education And Counseling
The effect of information and behavioural training on endoscopy patients' clinical outcomes.
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This study was designed to examine the effects of preparatory information and behavioural training on patients about to undergo an endoscopy procedure. Forty-five first-time endoscopy patients (aged 20-70 years), were randomly assigned to one of three groups (cognitive, cognitive/behavioural and control group). The cognitive group received a 12 min preparation with sensory and procedural information relating to the sensations and sequence of events associated with the endoscopy procedure. The cognitive/behavioural group received, in addition, instruction in deep breathing exercises, tongue depressor task and swallowing technique. Results indicated that patients in the two experimental conditions experienced significantly fewer signs of behavioural distress during endoscopy. The cognitive group required a significantly shorter time to induce the scope. There were no statistical differences between the groups however, for mood, physiological and anxiety measures, although a positive trend was evident for the two intervention groups.
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