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Khoo S.; Coloma, R.
ECER 2016
Decolonizing Histories of Higher Education at the Intersections of Nation, Ethnie and Gender
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This paper employs a historical and decolonial approach to education under the conditions of colonial rule. Juxtaposing the inculcation of Western education and its inculcation of modern subjectivities against historically contending imperial powers, this paper takes an intersectional approach, considers educational policies and choices at the intersections of nationalism, class, ethinicity and gender. Imperial dynamics permeate the spread of education as global design, however hegemony is intersected by multiple dimensions of class, ethnicity and gender, under conditions of direct and indirect rule. This paper troubles monolithic readings of ‘Empire’ in the Asia-Pacific region and uses ‘the history of the present’ and ‘the autobiography of the research question’ to illustrate the agency of both colonizing power and colonial subjects in constituting identities through the enterprise of education.
Irish Research Council
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Applied Social Sciences and Public Policy, Humanities in Context