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Khoo S.
2016 September
Assembling and Governing the Higher Education Institution: Democracy, Social Justice and Leadership in Global Higher Education
Public Scholarship and Alternative Economies: Revisiting Democracy and Justice in Higher Education Imaginaries
Palgrave Macmillan
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Higher education; alternative economics; gift economy; public goods; science; care; justice
This chapter critically interrogates the understanding of economics guiding higher education globally. It argues that dominant understandings of economics are narrow, reductive and adverse to democracy and social justice, offering alternative economic ideas for re-imagining global higher education. A social imaginary describes the symbolic matrices enabling people to imagine and re-create their social world (Castoriadis, 1987). Alternative ideas about economics and the economies of higher education are discussed in a spirit of re-creating the social imaginary, offering a ground for collective world-making that better articulates democratic and human concerns, while critically challenging neoliberal reforms. Such alternatives do not represent complete solutions to the problems of higher education under neoliberalism, but they are arguably necessary interventions to enable a fuller, more democratic debate about higher education and its roles with respect to democracy, social justice and the common or public good. These alternatives move us beyond the current neoliberal paradigm of competitive individualism, to face questions of social justice, the public interest, the role of science, the nature of the academy, and, most urgently, how sustainable human development might be secured.
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Academy of Finland
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