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Crosse, R; Millar, M
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Lone Parent Labour Market Activation and Child Well-being: A review of the evidence
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Policy makers have sought to increase the number of lone parents in employment as a means of reducing child poverty levels. There is now a growing body of research which focuses on the subjective and non-subjective wellbeing of the children living in lone parent families whose parents have undergone activation. Wellbeing is made up of various dimensions including economic such as income and noneconomic elements including subjective wellbeing which refers how people experience the quality of their lives. In this article we present the evidence from a scoping literature review in relation to the wellbeing of children living in lone parent families who have undergone activation. The evidence suggests there is little to support a view that activation leads to improved child development. The age and gender of the child appear to be important determinants in how the employment of a lone parent impacts on childrenÂ’s wellbeing. Research pertaining to adolescents suggests that activation is associated with poorer school performance and behavioural difficulties.
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