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Pilar Alderete and Owen Harrington Fernández
Re encountering the Cannon: Literary Translation and Contemporary Iberia
This symposium seeks to explore the role of literary translation with regard to canon formation in the context of modern and contemporary Iberia, with special focus on aspects such as the competing interests of academic, educational and publishing norms; translation policy, subventions and patronage; dissemination, marketing and reception; and new approaches to the phenomenon of re-translation. It aims to facilitate a space for discussion of the ways in which literary translation may contribute to the (re)construction and/or consolidation of a canon by looking at developments such as the recent English translations of classics from the different languages of the Iberian Peninsula and the consolidation of new publishing houses such as Hispabooks, a Spanish press that publishes fiction from Iberia in English translation. The symposium also sets out to examine the negotiation and reframing of shifting and competing notions of identity through translation both into and out of the different
University College Cork
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By examining the translation of Manolito Gafotas into American English, we would like to explore and shed some insights on the issue of translating children literature and children speech from Spanish into English. Particularly, this paper attempts to describe how translation censors and filters instances of politically and socially incorrect language, namely in children literature. We will describe and analysis a set of examples in which this translation has modified the source text and will discuss the effects that these changes may have in the interpretation of the target text by a target audience. Political Correctness in the Translation of Manolito Gafotas. We would like to inspire a discussion on how freedom of speech is dealt with in the 21st century in the mediating space between cultures that constitute these translations of children literature.
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