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Haugaard, M. & K. Ryan
IPSA and Barbara Budrich
Leverkusen, DE
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Although the concept of power is central to the study of politics, there is no agreement as to what power exactly is. Power is often viewed negatively, as domination, though it is also the case that power is created by peop-le acting in concert, in which case it can have positive effects. Making sense of this puzzle is one of the aims of this book, which provides the reader with a clear and coherent way of understanding the various forms and manifestations of power. It does so by bringing together the most important and influential perspectives on power within the political and social sciences.   Contents:  Mark Haugaard and Kevin Ryan: Power in Social and Political Theory  John Gledhill: Power in Political Anthropology  Stewart Clegg: Foundations of Organizational Power  Jill Vickers: Gendering Power: Feminist Approaches  John A. Hall and Siniš Malešvić The Political Sociology of Power  Phillip Cerny: Power and International Relations
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