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Khoo, S. & Lehane, O.
Policy And Practice: A Development Education Review
Globalisation and the re-imagination of research, teaching and learning in Irish Higher education
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globalisation; development education; right to health
Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are currently re-imagining their future research and education activities in response to complex processes of globalisation. Su-ming Khoo and Orla Lehane map out, and think through, recent trends that are pushing research much more to the fore in this sector. It contrasts two scenarios for globalised higher education - the ‘market-rational’ and the ‘democratic-deliberative’ and suggests that development education fits with the latter. As HEIs and research play a key part in a wider restructuring and re-imagination of the ‘knowledge society’, we suggest that development education can provide spaces within HEIs where critique, debate and diversity come into play to contest globalisation and promote alternatives. The article suggests that a revised interpretation of ‘accountability’ is needed and explores the possibilities for a development education programme to re-imagine a pro-development vision of globalisation that sees accountability through the lenses of human rights and health
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