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Heneghan, MA,McHugh, P,Stevens, FM,McCarthy, CF
Scandinavian Journal Of Gastroenterology
Addison's disease and selective IgA deficiency in two coeliac patients
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Addison's disease coeliac disease human leucocyte antigen IgA deficiency CELIAC-DISEASE BLOOD-DONORS DISORDERS
Coeliac disease is associated with selective IgA deficiency and various autoimmune disorders. An association between Addison's disease and coeliac disease has been documented previously in the literature but never heretofore in coeliac patients with selective IgA deficiency. From a coeliac registry of over 700 biopsy-proven coeliac patients, studied closely over a 25-year period at University College Hospital, Galway, we now report the finding of Addison's disease and selective IgA deficiency in two patients with established coeliac disease. Previous reports of Addison's disease in coeliac patients were sporadic, and it was felt that the association between the two conditions was fortuitous. We now believe that coeliac patients, especially those who are selectively deficient in serum IgA, should be followed up with increased vigilance, as the association between IgA-deficient coeliac patients and Addison's disease is greater than can be explained by chance. Furthermore, we suggest that patients with established Addison's disease may have subclinical coeliac disease and should be screened with anti-reticulin or anti-endomyseal antibodies.
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