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E. Houton, P. Comar, M.B. Pitak, S.J. Coles, A.G. Ryder, S. Piligkos, E.K. Brechin and L.F. Jones.
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Solvothermal Synthesis of Discrete Cages and Extended Networks Comprising {Cr(III)3O(O2CR)3(oxime)3}2- (R = H, CH3, C(CH3)3, C14H9) Building Blocks.
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The synthesis, structural and magnetic characterisation of a family of related Cr(III) cages are reported. Each member comprises {Cr(III)3O(O2CR1)3(R2-sao)3}2- (R1 = H, CH3, C(CH3)3, C14H9 ; R2 = Me, Ph, tBu, C10H8) triangles linked by Na+ cations, resulting in either the discrete complexes [H3O][NEt4]2[NaCr(III)6O2(O2C-C14H9)6(Naphth-sao)6] (1) and [Na4Cr(III)6O2(O2CC(CH3)3)6(3,5-di-tBu-sao)6(MeCN)6] (3); or the extended networks [H3O]2[Na2Cr(III)6O2(O2CH)6(Phsao) 6(MeCN)2(H2O)2]nĚ4MeCN (2); [H3O][Na3Cr(III)6O2(O2CCH3)6(Me-sao)6(MeCN)]n (4) and [Na2Cr(III)3O(O2CCH3)3(Mesao) 3(H2O)6]nĚ3MeCN (5). Magnetic susceptibility data obtained for 2 and 4 reveal weak antiferromagnetic exchange between the Cr(III) ions in the triangles.
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The author (LFJ) would like to thank the SFI Investigator Program for funding (Investigator Project Number: 12/IP/1322). We would also like to thank the IRCSET Embark Fellowship Program for funding EH
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