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Healy, N,McDonagh, J
Society & Natural Resources
Commodification and Conflict: What Can the Irish Approach to Protected Area Management Tell Us?
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commodification fragile landscapes planning and impacts tourism visitor centers TOURISM AUTHENTICITY RESOURCES
Parks and protected areas are often seen as human products of nature that have been demarcated, interpreted, and museumized for the purpose of visitors and society. In contemporary Ireland, a critical management issue surrounding the extent, appropriate form, and scale of visitor facilities has caused some of the most acrimonious environmental disputes in its history. Visitor center developments in the Burren National Park and the Cliffs of Moher, in the West of Ireland, highlight a number of controversies concerning the commodification of landscapes, homogenization of nature, community involvement, and the extent to which monetary concerns are main driving forces. Drawing on the narrative of these cases this article argues for adopting a consultative approach and involving all stakeholders, particularly the local community, when planning, designing, and operating visitor centers.
DOI 10.1080/08941920801978622
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